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A few years ago we started to propagate our own camellia cuttings, which was very successful, and now we have hundreds to choose from.

Camellias are a lot easier to grow than most people think, they are completely hardy to frost and the cold weather. The only thing you must take care with that they donít get the sun first thing in the morning as this may scorch the flowers if there has been a sharp frost the night before. Plenty of water when the buds are forming in July/august and you will be rewarded in the spring.

We grow a lot more different varieties now, which include jurors yellow, ruby wedding, sasanqua (autumn flowering very unusual) and desire to name just a few. However the one that we recommend as a good growing camellia is lady Campbell. This is a rich cerise red camellia with dark green glossy foliage all years, bush growth habit and we never have any problems with this variety.

We have in stock more than 25 different varieties, with just a few that are so unusual that we donít know the names but 90% are fully labelled. In the spring it is fantastic to see all the amazing flower shapes and colours. We are not like a garden centre that only stocks plants when they are in flower, we stock and sell camellia all year.

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