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We are now open. 10-4 every day.

Broadland Nurseries is a family run plant nursery and plant centre in Norfolk, which helped by a dedicated team of staff sell a wide selection of plants, shrubs and conifers.

All our plants are grown in compost that we mix ourselves (a secret recipe that has been handed down the family for many years). The compost varies depending on the type of plant that we are potting. Included in the compost is a starter feed and a slow release feed all of which helps keep plants healthy and get off to a good start when planted out in the garden. We grow slightly larger plants from 5lt pots up to 100lt pots depending on the type of shrub.

We grow most of our plants on site either from small plugs or liners that are brought in or we also still propagate some plants ourselves. There is a large retail sales area for you to browse and we also have a huge stock area from which we fill up from on a daily basis in busy times of the year.
This means that if you need more plants of a certain variety we can usually get you some more that day or if not for the next day. We have a motto the more you have the more you sell!!!.

We also have a ten-acre site on which we field grow shrubs and conifers. Traditionally we lift in autumn and spring pot up in our compost and leave to establish for about six month before we sell them to customers, this ensures a good healthy root growth.

We also have on display some paintings by a very talented local artist.

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